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Swiss Color Mask 5 pcs/box - SWISS COLOR™  Canada Permanent Makeup

Swiss Color Mask 5 pcs/box

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SWISS COLOR® MASK The Swiss Color® mask is the world‘s first transparent mask. It is a new concept of sanitary mask for hygienic treatment. It is comfortable to wear and easy to inhale, exhale and talk because it is offset from face. The mask is designed for improving sanitary environment at work place.

CHARACTERISTICS: Shield has 99,99% anti-bacterial film and transparent film with special anti-fog treatment allowing clean view of the face during the treatment. It is offset form face, so it is easy to inhale, exhale and talk. The Swiss Color® mask is more comfortable to wear due to ultra-light weight (5g) The mask with reusable film is economical and eco-friendly because the film can be washed by cleaner or water.