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Our company is the exclusive representative of YUMI Lashes in Canada.
In order to work with our brand and be able to purchase our products it is necessary to receive training from an authorized representative of YUMI Lashes - it is a prerequisite of cooperation.

IMPORTANT! Without a YUMI™ Lashes Certificate, you cannot buy our products, You must be certified by YUMI™ Lashes and hold YUMI Lashes Certification to purchase our products!
YUMI™ Lashes Canada offers the best training, small and private classes. 
YUMI™Lashes Canada has 100% employment rate, all our students are graduated with full confidence to start their career the next day!

YUMI™ is a uniquely flexible technique that combines eyelash enhancement and tint. While it is easy to control, it requires great precision, skill, and hygiene. Each treatment must be personalized to your clients, and it is vital that you understand how to do this.

If you want to boost your salon income and refresh your treatment offer, YUMI™ Lashes is the answer. For more information about training, please contact us.


YUMI Lashes Lash Lift is a one-day training for the innovative Yumi Lashes technology that makes your glance expressive.

Yumi Lashes is not only a beauty treatment but a regenerating procedure that makes eyelashes strong, shiny, curved and healthy. It is carried out with special compositions enriched with oils, mineral components, active vitamins, and keratin.

Our training on is one day for 7-8 hours, but we offer full support to our students after the training.

After the training, you will receive an international YUMI™ Lashes certificate.


During training, students will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest materials and tools used for the procedure.


What you will learn?

Our training is comprehensive and will cover the following:


      • Professional Student kit for up to 40 treatments
      • Obtain comprehensive information about the technology of the procedure
      • Learn about possible contraindications and some side effects that may arise from future clients
      • Learn how to avoid  mistakes during the procedure
      • In the practical part, master your skills under the supervision of a trainer and get the recommendations for further work
      • Canadian hygiene rules, licenses, insurance, and certifications
      • Tips and tricks
      • Product Knowledge
      • How to apply a tint
      • How to make a perfect curve and lift
      • Eye diseases and eye anatomy
      • Client Consultation
      • Waiver Patch test and allergies
      • Client forms
      • Aftercare
      • FAQ
      • Marketing
      • Post Treatment photos
      • Insurance
      • Demonstration        
  • Our team will demonstrate the complete YUMI™ LASHES treatment on a live model.
  • Practical: 2-3  models per student
  • FAQ
  • Marketing
  • Post-treatment, photos & insurance
  • Models are provided by the students.


YUMI Lashes is suitable for those who want to offer their customers safe and premium quality materials, improve their lash lift technique, and increase the level of professionalism.


  • Working on Yumi Lashes products is easy, convenient and safe!
  • The result will please even the most demanding customers.


After the training you will receive an international certificate, that will allow you to work and to buy YUMI Lashes products anywhere in the world.

To join the YUMI Lashes Family and get a new interesting profession, sign up online to one of our classes.

To reserve a spot at one of our training centers, you will need to pay the deposit.
In case of cancellation of participation in the YUMI Lashes training, your deposit is not refundable.
Cancellations policy for all YUMI™ Lashes classes:

We have implemented a cancellation policy to ensure that we only receive registrations from those who are certain that they wish to move and become a YUMI Lashes technician and to deliver the highest quality of education and standards.

*Please note the course deposit $599 are non-refundable

*If you cancel your class in 30 days or more, prior to the scheduled training date, you will get a full refund of the amount that was paid minus $599 plus applicable taxes.  

*If you cancel your class in 29 days or less before scheduled training, the full amount of the training fees, that was paid for the course plus the associated sales taxes are non-refundable.

 You may reschedule your class 1 time with an extra fee of $159.


  • Due to the high demand, all deposits are not refundable!
  • The full balance is due 10 business days before the start of the class date.