The secret behind our formulas

Every age is beautiful, and gracefully ageing has become an art of living. According to this philosophy, NANNIC developed its treatment concept for every skin image and every age. But what is unique about our formulas?


1. The NANNIC bio active formulas are formulated with a base which protects (instead of destroying on a long term).
"It may sound crazy, but from a medical point of view it is a well-known fact that the basis of many creams damages the protective layer of the horny layer over time. The NANNIC formulas, on the other hand, are all formulated with natural phospholipids that:

  •  Are identical to the double hydro lipid protective layer of the skin.
  • Form micelles which transport the active components deep into the skin.

This ensures a very intense hydration and an optimal absorption of the active substances in the skin. In the long term, this ensures repair and rejuvenation of the skin.

2. NANNIC chooses the highest quality packaging, which optimally protect the product.

"To maintain the maximum effectiveness, the NANNIC skin care products are always packed in airless containers. This avoids:

  • Contact contamination (bacteria, virus, yeast, ...)
  • Environmental pollutants (ozon, dust, acid rain, ...)
  • Radial activities from energy (light, air, pollution, ...)

This keeps your product clean and active until the last milligram."

3. NANNIC offers the solution for every cause of a skin problem.

"Most skin problems have various causes. This motivates the importance and necessity to investigate all these different causes and to work in a multidisciplinary way. The specialty of NANNIC lies in the in-depth investigation of these different pathways (chain reaction that leads to a specific skin problem) and to find a solution for each of these pathways. NANNIC not only removes the consequences of a problem, but offers causal solutions that limit and even prevent the problem.
René Nagels
Founder NANNIC International